Our Factories – Our partners

We work with over 40 partner factories across Sri Lanka. These parnters are our bedrock, the reason we ship 20 million garments a year and the reason we’re one of Sri Lanka’s
largest sustainable exporters of baby and childrenswear.
We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of our supply-chain partners that is why, we are always ready to support them with R&D, technology, technical support and even with working capital management.


Norlanka is now a contributor of the Organic Cotton Accelerator

Sustainable | Responsible | Future-focused

 The founders believe in the ‘organic cotton effect’: “they envision a future where every time a farmer switches to organic cotton, there is a ripple effect of positivity; farmers earn more, their families and communities flourish, and their land and soil are fertile for future generations, protecting our planet”

OCA  facilitates the collaboration needed to deliver meaningful impact throughout the entire value chain, from field to fashion.

We are proud to be a part of this journey.