Who we are

A global business built on local roots

Since 2010 we’ve constantly been evolving. Building, bettering ourselves, learning how to do things in a more sustainable way, it’s a business model that’s stood the test of time.

Our expanding customer base has come to rely on our service, high-quality products and commitment to sustainable excellence. Everyone, from our employees to our partners, can be proud of the apparel manufacturing family we have built in Sri Lanka.

Norlanka is a company full of heart, built on the power of human connection.

Home is where the heart is

The importance of home sits at the heart of everything we do. Our heritage helps define us, and our Sri Lankan roots are the perfect foundation to grow out into the world. We operate globally with the same pride, passion and respect we’ve always been known for at home.

We love what we do, and ultimately aim to make our homeland proud by bringing happiness, customer excellence and inspirational work to the world.

Supported by our global network

As part of the PDS group we have a vast global network to call upon. This association also enables us to follow our dreams by being able to provide financial support and stability for future ventures and opportunities..

Where design meets expertise and strategy,
we combine human creativity with
automated brilliance to bring ideas to life.

Fashion for all

At Norlanka, we’re building a one-stop global fashion experience. High-quality clothes, cutting-edge technology and a passionate commitment to sustainability, we bring it all together to create something that is accessible to all.

Brave new ideas, exciting new future

We’re a forward thinking business inspired by the future and it’s potential.

By using the freshest ideas, the most passionate people and the most cutting-edge technology, we offer greater value for our growing customer base and set ourselves apart from our many imitators. What’s more, by educating both our employees and partners on the latest sustainable methods, we’re creating one of the most empowered, evolved and expert workforces around, bringing a new vision for the future of fashion to the world.

We believe in looking to future generations. Our educational partnerships help discover, nurture and empower local homegrown talent.