Everything we do
is part of a
greater whole.

We see it as our responsibility to look after the planet and the people who live on it.

We believe in sustainable growth, in doing things the right way and in building something we can be proud of, and we work hard to incorporate that ethos into every part of our business

We aim to reuse, upcycle and recycle up to 80% of total generated waste by 2024

Paving the way

Social Sustainability

Give something back to the society and our employees who contribute to our performances.

Environmental sustainability

Do something better to the environment and minimize the environmental impacts of our sector.


Generate renewable energy that has little or no impact on the environmnet and increases the efficency through our Net positive clean renewal energy project.


Treat effluent water, reuse the treated water, rainwater harvesting and adopting other water conservation measures, thereby increasing the water efficiency and conserving water.


Adopting circular economy concepts, 3R concepts and becoming a net zero landfilling organization (By 2024).


Energy conservation measures, renewable energy generation, organizational carbon footprint quantification and reporting (ISO 14064:1) and thereby, becoming a carbon neutral organization (By 2025).

Innovating through product & supply

Investing in reshaping the industry

Together we’re building a business that not only creates, but cares about its impact on the environment. Across our entire business we are committed to finding newer, more innovative and more beneficial ways to be sustainable:

  • Trend & market insight
  • Sustainable & responsible sourcing
  • Fabric Innovation
  • Design & range creation
  • 3D experts

A fair payment policy

Not only are we always on time when paying our employees, we far exceed the minimum wage set by local government


Healthy meals for all

Our factories provide a healthy breakfast and snacks during work hours for all employees who require it.


Zero tolerance for child labour

We never, ever, use child labour. Children belong in school, not in factories, and we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone exploiting their workforce.