3D Expertise

3D Expertise
As one of the early adopters of 3D technology, Norlanka has been leading the way in 3D integration allowing us to respond faster to customer demands, reduce lead times, increase hit rates, and improve overall sustainability.
We have carefully adapted our workflow to optimize the use of this new technology, supported by our team of in- house experts.
Despite being at the forefront of 3D apparel in the industry, we are not standing still. Our dedicated R&D team is always on the lookout for new technology, and we’re constantly engaging with our software developers to explore custom requirements to improve our accuracy.

What we offer

  • Real time adjustments in live fit sessions
  • Interactive customer platforms
  • Limitless variations / colorways
  • Tension and mesh mapping
  • Built in libraries for fabric, realistic trim and hardware, dry processing effects, stich techniques and accurate pantone libraries
  • Customizable avatars and true to life samples
  • Eco shots