A bold new take on masculine classics

At Norlanka we’re all about brave new ideas, and nowhere is that more important than our menswear range. Traditionally men’s fashion can be a little staid, but we’re injecting a new energy and breathing new life into the category. Bold colours, versatile fabrics, stylish designs: our range has been crafted to offer the modern man exactly what he wants.

  • Trend & market insight
  • Sustainable & responsible sourcing
  • Fabric Innovation
  • Design & range creation
  • 3D experts

Fashion for all

  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • Technical and design expertise
  • Wide range of product and services
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, friendly team

We work closely with our fabric mills, trim suppliers, embellishment plants and wash factories to offer newness in the building blocks that allow us to work collaboratively with our customers, to provide a complete product development and design service